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"The Virgin of Prince Street is a captivating account of the author’s search for a statue that disappeared from her childhood church, a search that transforms into a quest for faith and redemption. Sonja Livingston’s spiritual detective story is rendered in vivid, sensual prose, filled with insight and gentle wisdom.

In the end, Livingston has written a prayer; not the dull, recited kind, but a real prayer, a deeply-personal song of hope."

~ Dinty W. Moore, author of Between Panic & Desire

"Sonja Livingston's honest account of a halting return to the Catholic Church, and to its rich traditions of ritual and symbol, will speak to spiritual seekers of all stripes. Her reverence for every image, every phrase, and every idea in this book make The Virgin of Prince Street its own act of devotion."

~Valerie Sayers, author of The Powers and Brain Fever

"In these lyrical sojourns, Sonja Livingston contemplates the riches of the Catholic tradition along with its ongoing tribulations. In doing so, the essayist discovers that devotion in imperfect circumstances is, in fact, the only devotion ever possible and has the extraordinary capacity to transform the human heart."

Livingston’s essays illuminate while infusing nuance and generosity into an increasingly polarized religious landscape.

~Richard Rohr, author of Falling Upward